I Don't Speak

by Hype

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I Don't Speak is the first release from Hype.
Recorded between late 2015 and early 2016, and released on March 25th. We thank you for caring, and supporting small artists.


released March 26, 2016

All music and lyrics by Hype

Hype is Steven Edwards, Charlie Lunsford, and Zach & Vinnie Crisostomo.

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by the one and only Ben Arguelles at DZ Records in Hickory Hills

Album art by David Arias

Thank you to Kasia Gierczynska for vocals on "Slow Dance," and everyone who shouted on "Brain Wilson."

Thank you to all of our friends, who were instrumental in supporting us through our developmental years.



all rights reserved


Hype Chicago, Illinois

HYPE is the long time music project of Charlie Lunsford, newly formed with Steven Edwards, and Zach & Vinnie Crisostomo. We're here to invoke your wet dreams of 90s nostalgia.

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Track Name: Lure Your Lover
babe I'm gonna live forever
and if I don't then I'll see you in hell

I want to sink my teeth into
the dirty thoughts I know you've always had

build a hut and lure your lover
break her back and spread your DNA

I long to feel your last breath breathing
curled up with my hands around your neck
Track Name: Thrift Bin Lady
well I can't tell if you're snarling or if you're smiling at me
drinking cheap bottles of wine

thrift store couch beneath her seat
and a skinny frame that I called mine

lies and eyes that are disguised as truth
I do everything in spite of you

strangle me 'til I turn blue
I'll do it myself if you want me to
Track Name: Last Man on Earth
I've got questions I can't afford to ask
the last man on earth with nothing to show for
a measure of your worth is summed up in numbers

life or death, it's all the same to me (x3)

I've got plans I can't explain to you
wasting my life for stacks on a table
if there was a purpose then we all got it wrong

life or death, it's all the same to me (x3)

the American dream is what we are striving for
a dead end job and two kids that hate me
a secret life and a lover I can't stand

life or death, it's all the same to me (x3)
Track Name: Slow Dance
you said you always hated my favorite bands
and I guess that was the fatal blow
our songs meant nothing at all
so I stand in the kitchen alone
and I search my record shelf
and put Sinatra on
it's a slow dance for the dateless at the prom
I'm truly by myself

if I drank
I'd drink to apathy
if I smoked
I'd fill the room 'til I couldn't see
if I was young and still believed in dreams
lying on the floor
repressed memories
Track Name: Brain Wilson
I wanna shake it like they did in the 50s
on a shitty television screen

feeling like brian wilson
at the height of his insanity

yeah (x2)

I wanna see you at the drive in theatre
in the back seat of my car

take me home to meet your mother
like all real gentlemen do

yeah (x2)

(guitar solo)

yeah (x4)
Track Name: Stolen Cable
leave the tv on
when you go
'cause I've never
been so alone

the static speaks
straight to me
and I can't sleep
with you next to me

we laugh in self defense
and scream offensively
I can't speak
staring into the screen